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History of the Sabres Uniform
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The name "Sabres" become the nickname of the NHL's 1970 Expansion team in Buffalo as a result of a fan contest. Four individuals submitted the name Sabres, a drawing was held to determine the winner of the grand prize: season tickets to the 1970-71 season. Mayor Sedita acting as master of ceremonies choose Robert Sonnelitter, Jr. of Buffalo.

Public Relations Director Chuck Burr described a sabre, "renowned as a clean, sharp, decesive, and penetrating weapon on offense, as well as a strong parying weapon on defense" in a 1970 press release. The Knox brothers were looking for a logo to combine with the name Sabres to become the trademark of hockey on the Niagara Frontier.

The crest which would adorn the blue, white and gold jerseys of Buffalo Sabres players from October 1970 to April 1996 reflected the teams name. Along with the white Buffalo (accented with a characteristic red eye) appeared two crossed Sabres.

A few minor changes were seen in the Buffalo sweaters over the first 26 years, mostly simple accessary changes. After adding player names to the back of the sweaters a few years earlier, 1978-79 marked the first season without drawstrings at the neckline and the debut of Sabres crests on the shoulders. The team sweaters only had minor differences in color shades and logo designs, except for special occasions. All such occasions were marked by wearing a commerative uniform patch.

Commerative Patches:
Lake Placid Olympic Patch

Sabres 20th Anniversary Patch

NHL 75th Anniversary Patch

Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary Patch

Sabres 25th Anniversary Patch

#1 Roger Crozier Memorial Patch

The 1996-97 season began a new era in Sabres history. The Sabres played their
final game in the traditional blue and gold April 14, 1996, a 4-1 voictory over the Hartford Whalers. This game also marked the last Sabres game at the famed Memorial Auditorium.

The Sabres took the ice at their new home, Marine Midland Arena on October 12, 1996 a 6-1 defeat at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. That night marked the first significant change in the Sabres uniform since their inception in 1970. The Sabres new colors would be black, white, red, gray and silver featuring a white buffalo head as the new team logo. A secondary logo replaced the traditional shoulder crest, a "B" with the familiar Sabre piercing through it. The Sabres would mark the passing of team co-founder Seymour H. Knox III with a patch bearing his initials SHK III.

and red design. The third jersey features the traditional circle with crossed swords on a bright red jersey trimmed in black and silver. The word "Buffalo" appears on the lower trim and the white buffalo from the primary jersey adorns the shoulders.

Commerative Patches:
SHK III- Seymour H. Knox III Memorial

NHL 2000 Millennium Patch

Nov. 22, 2005
#18 Danny Gare Retirement Night

Mar. 3, 2006
#16 Pat LaFontaine Retirement Night

2006 to present
On September 16, 2006 the Sabres returned to the traditional blue and gold colors
much to the delight to loyal Sabre fans. The new "blue and gold" colors have been altered to a deeper blueand richer gold color. Silver accents and a revised "B' logo were carried over from the teams second uniform. This uniformed marked the first time in NHL history that a team wore uniform numbers on the front of their jersey. The Sabres new third jersey goes back to the traditional uniform with the exception of the player uniform numbers on the front of the jersey.

In the fall of 2008 the Sabres announced they would wear a new third jersey. This new jersey is similar to the Sabres traditional road uniforms of the 1970's. The colors copy the deeper blue and bold gold of the uniforms introduced in 2006.

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